Xiropigado Arkadia

We welcome you to our Village.

Passing the border of Argolida and entering Arkadia, after about 15 kilometers from the historical city of Argos and 18 kilometers from the beautiful city of Nafplion, we meet Xiropigado village.

Xiropigado is a picturesque seaside village built at the foot of the mountain, which surrounds it and gives it a unique amphitheater shape.

In Xiropigado, the traveler can relax, soothe by gazing at the waters of the Argolic Gulf and enjoy the crystal clear waters and the summer sun on its exotic beaches.

The fish taverns of the village offer fresh fish near the in the summer, as well as fine meals of traditional Greek cuisine.

The hotel complexes are well equipped and meet all the needs as well as the small cafe-bars of the village that make it an ideal destination for magical holidays and relaxing moments all year round.


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